Saturday, April 30, 2011

DOES IT FADES??? (the blog post I don’t want you to read) (-_-)???

Thursday it is…
uhmmm…wala msyadong nngyyri ngyong mga araw n dmraan..ewan ko b kung bkit???
happy??? ^^      
sad?? T_T
i dunno…i don’t to fall out of love but it seems like it’s happening…
i don’t want you to read this blog post..
  T_T..i don’t you to know about this…

i love you so much..i just can’t help it and idk why i insane??? whatever…

maybe i am?
TIRED??? maybe a little but not that much..
you’re the one who was making me tired of all of this crazy things…
yes! i won’t deny that i
fall for you
i get rid of you
i stop looking at you
i stop hoping for you

but should i be????
or…my wait is worthy??? i hope so..(that’s all i can do)
hay….idk wat to do..
i want to be someone special for you but how??? <*sigh> 
no idea! grr!!!

neither i look at your eyes nor your face! T_T
uhmm...bday ni renz..pee bday!

death aniv. ni ninoy…

uhmmm…periodical sa calculus..sus dumugo kmi dun!
i think i should cut this nonsense blog post for tonight..^^
wala n kong mlagay eh..sigh!
*miss,from the guidance office,T_T…
bkt prang i’m not feeling good??? :((

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