Thursday, April 28, 2011

my suicide note..T_T..i just can’t take it anymore!!!!..i’m SORRY

i feel so exhausted waiting for something that might not happen..but still i hold on because i love you...

i can’t barely imagine myself falling for someone like you who would just
waste my love…  

honestly i want to move on because i know that this is resulting into nothing…but i can’t understand …. myself why can’t i just do it..

well..maybe that it is not just an easy thing to do…
but when will be the time for me to be vindicated from being a prisoner of pain??? when I’m already attempting to kill myself just to relieve all the pain deep inside me???
i don’t want that to happen..

what should i do??? i don’t know…
 but i am too fed up and of everything!!!!

tired of thinking
tired of crying
tired of believing
tired of hoping
tired of being hurt
tired of accepting the reality
tired of being ignored by you
tired of getting rid of each other
tired of longing for you
tired of looking at you
tired of making you as the right person for me…
tired of you indifferent look at me..i just don’t look at you so that the pain that i am going to feel in your indifferent look will be abated…

            AND I AM STARTING

maybe you just don’t know how to love…


when will i be in paradise??? 
a paradise full of
without any single tear in my eye…

when will it be??


cut it to bleed….
i love you…C_d

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